Upcoming Litters
   We have several litters of puppies planned for the summer/fall/winter of 2019. 
 F1/ F1B Bernedoodles, Australian Bernedoodles, Golden Mountain Doodles and Poodles.
We have a litter now (see the Bernedoodle Puppies page) and more puppies due in May/June! 
 **Cota/Blue - Due June with F1 Bernedoodles 
**Liberty/Ossa - Due June with Australian Bernedoodles
**River/Blue - Due June with Standard Poodles 

 ~ Below are the breedings we are planning for this summer/fall ~ 

  *Maya/Blue - F1B Bernedoodles ** 5/17 - Maya is in heat now.  Breeding planned for end of the month
  *Macie/Juke or Leroy - F1 Bernedoodles
  *Sammie/Leroy - F1 Bernedoodles
 *Hazel/Juke - F1 Bernedoodles
  *Mia/Juke - F1 Bernedoodles
  *Roos/Muddles - Golden Mountain Doodles

We are now accepting a limited number of deposits for our summer/fall puppies.  Please visit the Purchasing a Puppy page for details! 

Puppies are a lot of work, but they are so worth it in the end....

.....they will leave paw prints on your heart 

**If you are on my old waiting list and have a deposit in for a puppy, please let me know if you are interested in an upcoming litter so that you do not get passed up!  Thank you!**