Sales Contract
Puppies are ready to go live with their new families at 8 weeks of age!!
We cannot guarantee the exact size your puppy will be as an adult, nor can we guarantee the coat type/color.  There can be a variety of sizes born within the same litter and their coats continue to change as they grow.  We will give you our best guess on size according to the parents and/or their past litters and on coats from past experience.   The coats generally get more wave to them as they get their adult coat in, some may shed (but nothing like the shedding parent breed) and some may be non-shedding. We will give you our best description of the puppy's personality while in our care.  While dogs personalities are somewhat passed down from their parents, much of their personality is molded by their new family and by how they are raised once they go to their new home.
Adorable tri colored Bernedoodle puppy
We do our best to raise a good puppy, and it is up to you to raise a good dog!!
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Sales Contract
Sammie the poodle sitting on Fisher's lap
5 year old Fisher holding a Bernedoodle puppy
MDD Sales Contract
You will receive a signed copy of the contract in your folder when you take your puppy home.  I will also have you sign a copy for me.
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