The puppy room
Whelping room kitchen
Whelping Room at Molly's Darling Doodles
Whelping Pen at Molly's Darling Doodles
Once an attached garage, the puppy room has been created with the health and safety of the puppies in mind, and provides a quiet and private place for our Mom's to whelp their litters.
The dog room
Our dogs are raised in our home (we do not have outside kennels), but we did find the need for another "room" for practical purposes.  A separate room for the muddy days, to separate females from males when needed, a room to keep the young dogs safe (as well as our belongings lol) when we aren't able to keep our eye on them, a room with a dog door to aid in housebreaking (which we do on a pretty regular basis around here!), and a room for us humans to enjoy as well, with lots of windows:)  Therefore, the dog room was built!  It is separated from our livingroom by an 8 foot sliding glass door, has a wrap around deck on the outside and a dog door so that the dogs can go in and out at their leisure to run the acre of fenced yard.  It is my favorite room in the house so now also doubles as my office:)   
Dog Room at Molly's Darling Doodles
For those wondering what life is like living in a multi dog household ...... an obstacle course, difficult to find a place to sit and/or sleep, meal time can be very demanding, no privacy in the bathroom, a built in alarm well as constant companionship, wagging tails and wet kisses when you get home (even if you just took the trash out!), warm snuggles while you curl up on the couch for a good book or movie, never a dull moment and never lonely,
and love....UNCONDITIONAL LOVE:)  
Poodles lazing on couch
Obstacle course of dogs sleeping on the floor in the kitchen and dining room
Levi sitting at the bar playing checkers with his humans
Levi the Poodle opening Christmas presents with Jared
5 Dogs taking over my bed
Dogs sitting around Fisher's high chair waiting for handouts
Lazy dogs in my bed
lazy old dog taking over my bed
Dogs looking out the sliding glass door with their buddy Fisher
No privacy in the bathroom with these dogs around