Golden Mountain Doodles

A Golden Mountain Doodle is a tri cross between a Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle.  GMD's, like the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle, are intelligent, loving and loyal!!  They tend to have the friendly/outgoing attitude of the Golden, the extremely loving personality of  the Bernese, the intelligence and lower shed coat from the Poodle and the affectionate personality of all 3!!  They truly are the best of all 3 breeds!!   They can come in a variety of coats and colors, depending on the parents that are used for each individual litter.  While many of our GMD puppies look like Bernedoodles, we love to have pups in a variety of colors!  As always, health and temperament are our main concern.  

Brindle Golden Mountain Doodle puppy
Generations of Golden Mountain Doodles​​

The GMD's are a tri mix so they do not have generation designations like that of the two breed mixes.  I breed my GMD's to have the "doodle" look.  The coats can vary from straight/wavy to curly. 

**We have had great success in placing GMD puppies in homes where family members have allergies.  Although we cannot guarantee the allergy friendliness of any mix, we can assist you in choosing the puppy that we feel would be best suited for your family**
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Golden Mountain Doodle Puppies
Phantom Golden Mountain Doodle puppies
Tri colored Golden Mountain Doodle puppy
Black/white parti Golden Mountain Doodle puppy