​​"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
- Ben Williams
Bernedoodle Puppies
 We are one of the few original Bernedoodle breeders in America!  With us, you can rest assured that you are getting years of experience in breeding the best Bernedoodles in the U.S.A.!!  We focus on health and temperament... the beauty is just a bonus!  
Sammie and Leroy's are F1 Bernedoodle puppies are here! Born Monday, Feb. 11th!!   As I suspected by Sammie's small belly, she only had 5 puppies, but they are gorgeous as usual!    

 A few pictures below of the beautiful babies shortly after birth:)  ​
Daisy and Blue are expecting F1B Bernedoodle puppies to be born mid February!!  Update 1/28 - Daisy is getting wide through the middle and is showing signs of being pregnant:)  Can't wait to see these babies!!

Daisy is the daughter of Meatball and Leroy and is going to have just this one litter for us to get us to the next level of breeding.  She is a super sweet girl (and comes by her sweet personality honestly from both of her parents).  Blue is the great, great grandson to our Levi and Birdie litter back several years ago (merle poodle litter) and we are excited to have him now as a part of our breeding program.  We are very excited to see the puppies these two will have together, with the great health behind them and unique colors/patterns they will produce! 

This will be their first and only litter together so no past puppies to show but showing some of the colors/patterns they may produce below.    
If you are on my old waiting list (have sent in a deposit) and are interested in an upcoming litter, please contact me to let me know and you will get a pick of the litter.  Thank you!!