**Please note the price for puppy basics and obedience training does not include the price of the puppy.  Puppies are priced individually, please see the puppy price list on the Bernedoodles , Golden Mountain Doodles or Golden Doodles pages**

Due to the number of requests to keep a puppy longer, to start a puppy on housebreaking, and of families looking for an older puppy with obedience training, we have decided to offer a few different options. The amount for puppy basics 1 or 2 (whichever one is chosen and agreed upon) must be paid for when the puppy turns 8 weeks old. The remaining balance for the puppy is to be paid for at the time you take possession of your puppy.  If your puppy is going on to a professional trainer, a deposit of $1500 must be paid prior to the puppy turning 16 weeks of age. The balance of $3500 + the balance for your puppy is to be paid when the puppy is picked up. **Please note that the money paid for puppy basics 1 or 2 or the obedience training deposit are non refundable, no exceptions.  We only accept a limited number of puppies for puppy basics and/or training and have reserved this spot for your puppy.  
*Please note that due to time constraints/limited space,  we will only offer the training packages for up to 2 puppies per litter**
**At times we may have fully trained puppies available or coming up so feel free to ask! These are puppies that we have hand selected from one of our own litters.**

Puppy Basics 1 ~ $1500
Crate training/intro to leash and housebreaking
    We know how difficult it can be to have a new puppy who is crying at night and needs to go out every couple of hours at the age of 8 weeks. We can work on that beginning stage for you and get the puppy used to sleeping in a crate before he/she goes home to you.  In most cases, the puppy will be able to 'hold it' for 6-7 hours by this time.
We will keep the puppy from 8-12 weeks of age and work with the puppy on crate training,housebreaking, and introduction to leash manners.
While not all puppies will be reliably trained in these areas by 12 weeks old, this will set the foundation and make training easier once the puppy goes home.  The puppy will have the 2nd round of puppy vaccines and come with a leash and collar.  

Puppy Basics 2 ~ $3000
Crate training/leash manners/housebreaking/basic commands
  We will keep the puppy from 8-16 weeks of age and work with him/her on crate training,housebreaking,leash manners, and sit/down/come.  By this age the puppy will be a little more reliable in these areas, and will have had their 3rd (and last) round of puppy vaccines completed, another health exam by my Vet and a rabies vaccine.  Please note that there will likely be an adjustment period while the puppy is learning your house and what is expected of him/her.  We can set the foundation but you will need to continue to work with your puppy when he/she goes home to you. 

Obedience Trained ~$8000
The puppy will be ready to go home to you at 5 -6 months of age
We will have your puppy trained by a professional trainer and the puppy will come to you:
* crate trained
* housebroken
* Fully Vetted (spayed/neutered and all vaccines, including rabies up to date)
* And will learn sit, stay, come, lay down, leave it, food sharing, heel, fetch, speak, shake, watch, heel off leash and human and domestic animal socialization. 
Your puppy will then go home to you at approximately 5 - 6 months of age. 
Upon picking up your puppy, you will have a training session with your puppy and the trainer to learn the commands that your puppy knows.  If you live too great a distance and can not make it for a training session, your puppy will come with videos explaining the training techniques/commands.   Delivery available to many areas for a fee.  Please ask if delivery is available in your area.