“I love you”, he even does a Chewbacca impression! This is one of the smartest purchases we have ever made.  Whenever he is outside our neighbors will go up to him and play with him, sometimes they will bring their dogs out to run with him. When Watson plays with smaller dogs he plays different then he does with bigger dogs, he’s much more gentle with the small ones. He still believes he’s a lap dog which he clearly isn’t! we try not to let him on the furniture but he finds his way on to the furniture by “leaning” on the couch. Watson also knows how to brighten a room and a mood. We thank you for the opportunities’ that this dog has given us!    The O’Sullivans

  I want to say "Thank You" to all who've written, called and/or sent        pictures!  I LOVE to know how they're doing and watch them grow!!
Standard Poodles in Pewamo, MI
Standard Poodles in Bridgeport, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Blind River, ON (Canada)
F1 Goldendoodle in
Harbor Springs, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Hamilton, OH
F1 Goldendoodle in
Sault Ste. Marie, ON (Canada)
F1 Goldendoodle in
Grand Ledge, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Swartz Creek, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Sault Ste. Marie, ON (Canada)
F1 Goldendoodle in Rogers City, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Florence, KY
F1 Goldendoodle in Lowell, MI
Standard Poodle in Dry Prong, LA
Standard Poodle in Port Orange, FL
Standard Poodle in Edwardsburg, IN
F1 Goldendoodle in Brownstown, MI
Standard Poodle in Sault Ste. Marie, ON (Canada)
Standard Poodle in Bethpage, TN
F1B Goldendoodle in Washington Twp., MI
F1B Goldendoodle in Deer Park, IL
F1B Goldendoodle in Toledo, OH
F1B Goldendoodle in Alpena, MI
F1B Goldendoodle in Sault Ste. Marie,  MI
F1B Goldendoodle in Black River,  MI
Standard Poodle in Atlanta, MI
F1B Goldendoodles both living in Michigan's beautiful U.P!
It is so nice that these two sisters are living near each other and get to be playmates!
Sophie and Pepper
Carly F1B
Ivy F1
Standard Poodle living in Traverse City, MI
Jack before his haircut (left) and Jack after his haircut (right) at 8 months:)
All dressed up for Halloween...too cute!
All dressed up for Halloween!
Happy New Year!!
Celebrating their birthdays:)
F1 Goldendoodle living in S.S. Marie, ON~Canada
F1 Goldendoodle living in S.S. Marie, ON~Canada
Please be patient. There are A LOT of pictures on this page!
That is because we have A LOT of great families who keep in touch!
We feel that by having many pics for you to look  at from our past litters....you can see the beautiful puppies we produce!!
F1 Goldendoodle living here in Rogers City, MI
Click on thumbnails to enlarge
F1 Goldendoodle living in Ypsilanti, MI
F1 Goldendoodle living in Kawkawlin, MI
F1 Goldendoodle living in Plymouth, MI
F1 Goldendoodle living in Commerce Twp, MI
Click on thumbnails to enlarge
"Hello!  I purchased the purple collar dog (I named her Molly).  She is the best dog!  We also have two other dogs one being Grace a Golden Retriever and the other Samson another Goldendoodle.  Molly has adapted wonderfully to the other dogs and has a great personality.  I have always loved Golden's and now Goldendoodles.  They are truly the best dogs.  Thanks for all your help.  I will be sending you photos soon.   To anyone interested in buying one of these dogs, they are truly wonderful in every way!!  Sasha"
."....We named him Grizzly.  He is gorgeous!  People stop us when we are out and about.  The comments are usually what a great looking dog he is and what kind of dog is he.  He has tons of hair mostly the rope type.  He doesn't shed at all.  He is brilliant and has a great but mischievous personality.......He has brought so much joy to our lives with his loving ways.....he has trained very easily.....Betsy"
"Dear Molly, We have named our dog "Max".  He is absolutely wonderful.  He is so gentle and calm.  We took him to the beach today and he loved the water.  He is also very considerate of our 13 year old Shih-tzu.  My son, Nathan and him are real buddies.  Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new addition to our family.  He is a perfect fit.  Sincerely, Michele M."

"Hi Molly, I thought you might like this.  Luci graduated from beginner obedience on Saturday.  This is the family photo w/the trainer (above right).  Next month we start intermediate where we hope to be able to get her good citizen canine certification.  We'll see I guess.  Hopefully we will just pass so we can start agility in June.  Anyway, hope all is well with you.  Joanne"
                                                                 Way to go Luci and family!!
F1 Goldendoodle in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
F1 Goldendoodle
in Kaukauna, WI
F1 Goldendoodle
in Topinabee, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Cheboygan, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in
Alpena, MI
F1 Goldendoodle
in Traverse City, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Merrill, WI
F1 Goldendoodle    in Lachine, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in
Sault Ste. Marie,
ON (Canada)
F1 Goldendoodle    in Farmington, MI
F1 Goldendoodle in Shelby Twp. MI
"Ivy" lives in Novi, MI........below is the cute letter she wrote to me (I think                                                 she had a little help!).

"Hi Molly,  Sorry it took so long to email some pictures, I have been very busy learning all the in and outs of my new home.  Thanks for sending the picture book with my parents - I really enjoyed seeing them and my siblings.  I am having lots of fun!  I even met my new Aunt Katie and Uncle Titan, two Standard Poodles that I love playing with!  Katie thinks I am one of her own puppies and pretends she is my mom.  I am starting school this Sunday to learn some fun new tricks and potty training is going very well!!  Enjoy all the fun pictures of my new family and home!  Love, Ivy....p.s.  Lindsay and Corey say HI too!"

"Hi Molly!!  We will send you some pictures of Remi - he is WONDERFUL!!  He is so sweet (and smart)-  and very gentle with our little 4 pounder, Lulu...we all love him so much - he has learned basic commands by 11 weeks: sit, fetch, come, down-walks on his leash great, and is one of the nicest dogs  we've owned.  He is a great addition to our family!! ........We hung a bell from our door for the holidays - Remi rings it to be let out!!   Thank You!  Ms. Wendi W."

Cricket was my pick of the litter and is living in a guardian home here in Rogers City.  She has such a sweet, gentle personality that she passes on to her puppies!!
F1 Goldendoodle in
Caledonia, MI
"He is doing great!  He is so relaxed.  He just follows the family energy level; he adjusts to the activity level we seem to be in with such ease.  He will lounge on the couch or run outside for hours.  He has become fast friends with the neighbor dog, Tank- they are definitely partners in crime.  He has become the office mascot, as he comes to work with me most days, other days he will go and play with his friends at Camp Bow Wow - where he is loved like he was with family!  They adore him as much as we do.
    His looks have changed so much over the last few months and he is finally growing into his feet.  I love his eyes and black nose, and his big bushy hair!  He has so much expression in his face, it just makes us smile!  Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful bundle of fur!  You truly helped us with finding the "dog personality" that was right for us.  We could not be happier.  Ernie is the best, and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  He is such a blessing to our family!
  Thank You!  Melissa."

The Bussell Family recently added another Goldendoodle to their clan!  He is an F1B apricot/white parti from one of my 2010 litters!
F1 Goldendoodle in Bay City, MI
Thought I would send you a cute picture that I took of my husband (Jim) with the two dogs, last week.  He was involved in one of his favorite vacation activities - napping.

  Will send another picture of Amber next month, after her haircut.  She is really growing and almost 50 lbs!

Have to tell you a cute story about her:  I was looking at your website to see if there were pictures of your F1B doodle puppies, and noticed the video clip, so I clicked on it.  As soon as you started talking, Amber pricked up her ears, put her paws up on my lap and watched the entire video!  She recognized your voice and just sat there wagging her tail.  It was quite amazing. 

Thanks again for the wonderful companion.   ~  Karen M.

St. Poodle in Wetmore, MI
St. Poodle in Rogers City, MI
"We can't thank you enough - Zoey is a doll and we are loving every minute of her!!  She adjusted so well and had a great night!  I'll get the video and photos to you on Monday since it won't work from home.  We love her so much!!! ......I don't think the TV has been on all day - she's so entertaining and such a snuggler...we just adore her!!  We just keep saying what a great dog she is!!  She seems small but it's so hard to judge...I'm so curious to see how big she will get.  I promise..I will keep taking pictures and sending them to you...after all, it's because of you that we have this wonderful new addition and we will never stop being grateful!

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Karen B."

F1 Goldendoodle in Pleasant Prarie, WI
Hi Molly!  How are you??  I realized how long it’s been since I’ve sent you any pictures of our “baby” Zoey – she is still the BEST dog we’ve ever had and everyone who meets her just loves her.  I even think she understand  English sometimes!   Her hair is pretty short…we had her cut down for the summer…but I LOVE when she’s long and shaggy.. Karen

Zoey at just over 2 yrs. old
These 3 sisters all live together!!
About a year later, Emma was added to the family and went to live with her full sister, Molly!!
Carly and Ivy are playmates!  See more pics of Ivy above!
...she is such a great dog!  She's so laid back and goes with the flow!  She will actively seek out her toys rather than getting the closest pillow, shoe, or whatever!  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remind myself how lucky I am!  However, she is the clumsiest dog EVER!  She's hilarious!  She could be just sitting and fall over!  Her new nickname is Gracie!  Take care! ~ Lori

Happy Birthday Carly!!  1 yr. old
Kirby is doing great.  She has a great personality, and is a hit wherever she goes!
She is going to start and obedience class in May to polish up on her manners.  We are thinking she would make a GREAT therapy dog.  She has visited school during "pet week" and was so well behaved she got to stay the whole day in my room! (I had planned to take her home at lunch, but even the principal loved her!) 

Thank you again for breeding such great dogs!  I hope you have a great day! ~ Krista

Click on the thumbnails to view full size pics!
F1 Goldendoodle in Alpena, MI
We were so very happy when we brought Brody home, he was so laid back and easy to train. Then we decided another puppy would be good for all of us and we got Quinn. It's almost like they know they are brothers. Quinn at 9 weeks is the sweetest pup and very much as his brother was. The two of them get along so well and I am anxious to see the two of them when the snow gets off the ground, running and playing in the yard.
Thank you so much for having such wonderful puppies to choose from. We picked 2 winners and they make us laugh, entertain us and love us. Can't imagine life without the "Boys"   ~ Julie & Tom Rouleau

Hi Molly- I just wanted to let you know Carly is doing great and passed her intermediate training class! She topped all her classmates on the final! I was really proud!
Take Care! ~ Lori

Quinn and Brody are half brothers (same sire) that live together!! More pics of Brody below.
"Hi, Sara here sending you pictures of Molly and Lucy before and after their first haircuts.  Now they look like girls, and boy they have grown so big.  We love them so much!  Sara"

Lucy and Molly-May
These sisters live with mother and daughter and spend much of their time together!!
" Hi everyone, sorry Mom and I haven't wrote before now.  Yes we are very busy.  Dad was surprised and a little upset about me being a Valentine gift.  However, Mom says he will adjust.  He's just scared about the economy.  He is nice and takes me outside for my jobs along with my new brother, Copper.  I think Sara sent you a photo of he, Lucy and Me.  I get to see Lucy at least one day a week and sometimes even more.  We have gone to her house and stayed all day to play with her and the daycare kids.  We have also taken walks in Westphalia, a nearby town, people were so friendly and wanted to know about us and everything.  I play with Copper but Mom says he gets tired quickly because he is old.  I sleep in a cage at the end of Mom and Dad's bed at night, and during the day Copper and I have the family room, which is blocked off from the rest of the house, to play in.  I have, Mom says, an acre to play in, I mostly follow Copper to make sure I'm on Mom and Dad's property and not the neighbors.  There are trees, a field of weeds behind the house, where things called deer like to hang out.  They come closer to the house when Copper and I are inside looking out the family room glass doors.  The other morning when I went out, Mom would let me go only a couple of feet away from the door to do my job.  She and I both smelled something bad!  She told me it was an animal she didn't want me to be too close to cause I would continue to smell like that.  Dad is trying to teach me to sit, lay down, and thinks I should learn to roll over (cause Copper does).  I'm doing quite good on the first two but never think I will get the rollover thing down.  Sara keeps up on letting me know about my Mom and Dad and siblings by checking the website for Mom.  Again, sorry about not getting in touch earlier.  Will let you know about me again, sooner next time.  Love, Molly May S."

Hi Molly,
I wanted to send a couple of pictures to let you see how big Sophie and Pepper are getting.  They had another play date on Sunday and had a blast chasing each other around in the football practice field which is completely fenced in an just down the street from my house.  I can not imagine my life without Sophie any more.  She is such a great companion.  She has all sorts of tricks learned now and can sit, high five, shake, lay down, and kiss all on command. 
Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! ~ Andi
"Molly and Family,  Thank you for all you have done in getting Abel into our family.  It has been a wonderful experience:)  He truly fits in well here.  We cannot imagine life without him now.  He and my son play so well together.  Again, I just wanted to say thanks!  Amber S."

"Hi Molly,
Sorry it has taken us so long to reply to your note. We are absolutely in love with our puppy!  You are oh so very right about our new baby keeping us busy.  We had forgotten how tough housebreaking a puppy can be!  I am pleased to say it has taken a week but I think she finally has the hang of it.  Night time is a different story.  We tried to kennel her in the family room for four nights.  She cried harder on the fourth night than she did on the first!  Then we decided she could sleep in our room - heck, all our two-legged babies did!  So we've had two glorious sleep filled nights!  I hesitate to tell you what we named her.  She started out as Olivia, then Pepsi, then Oreo (can you tell we both work with kids!).  She is now officially known as...."Molly"!  If you can imagine how much we love her, you'll know this is a compliment!  She has a vet appointment on the 28th, for needles, she is very healthy, and growing like a bad weed!  We'll write more later.  Thank You for all of your help getting our puppy.  Shawn & Dave & Molly"

"Hi Molly,
thought you might like an update of pics.  Lola is steady giving us lots of love and kisses.  She and Max are now romping around the backyard and playing.  When Max has enough of her sharp teeth, he bats her off with a swat!  We're all in love and she is growing in leaps and bounds!  Thanks, Sherry and Arne"

"Hi you two

  I thought I would send these pictures to the both of you.  You know she is a little star.  I'm thinking of putting her in the movies to earn some money lol  She seems to love to have her pictures taken.
Both of you have a nice Easter.


I Love how Jeannie
dresses Cynder up
for every occasion)
"Just sending some updates on Whiskey...he has fit right in with us and the kids and we honestly could not be happier!!!  He is AWESOME!!!!!  .......Caden and Sydney are so in love with Whiskey, we can't say enough about him!  It's also quite clear that you did an amazing job raising him up until the time we had him because he is so well behaved it's incredible!  He LOVES the snow too!!!  I will keep you updated!!!  Courtney, Jamie, Caden and Sydney.......and Whiskey too!!!!"
"Hi Molly, our 3 Standard Poodles--Molly, Mindy and Coalette are all over 29 lbs. at 15 1/2 weeks averaging 2-3 lbs. per week.  We've gone through about 75-80 pounds of food so far...they love the Canidae that we talked about.  Also, they're just about housebroken!!!  Glad to see all of the other puppies found homes.  Thanks for the great puppies!!!!  Tim and Teresa"

"Thought would drop you a note and let you know that Molly is doing great.  Only had a couple of accidents in the house.  She is very smart, working on down and stay right now.  Going to have her groomed on the 5th of Dec..  Will send you a picture.  Going to send you one today.  Gave her a bath, she did great.  Thanks again, Sue D."                                             
  Update on 11/19/08.  "Hi, Molly had her last shots today and she weighed 28.1 pounds.  She has gained almost 9 pounds in 3 weeks.  The Vet thinks she is wonderful.  Of course had to have her show off.  She sits and lays down on command.  She is starting to stay and walks really nice on her leash.   She comes most of the time she is called unless she is puppy busy.   Just thought you would like to know how well she is doing.  Sue"
"Molly, I hope this email finds you well.  I told you it would take a month and I think it has been at least 2 months since I said we would send the pictures.  Max is doing well.  Still has a sensitive tummy but as long as he eats his dog food he is fine......no people food ever.  He is such a good boy and so friendly and loves to play.  We have a bunch of girls in our neighborhood that come to play with him often not to mention our own boys and my husband.  He is a little spoiled!  He is quite the character and fits in quite nicely with our family......This is a picture of Max in Florida taken at New Years (on the right).  He did not like the pool or the fact that the boys were in it and he would climb up on Bruce just to make sure that he would not go in the pool.  He fell in the first day!  Warmly, Kim"

Hi Molly,
Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to send you a quick note with an update with Luci. We have officially had her for a year and she is such a blast. She is so wonderful with my girls. My youngest Kaci lays on her, rides her like a pony and shares all her food. Whenever either of girls are crying she is right there making sure they are safe. She is such a wonderful girl. She has made such a wonderful addition to our family. I keep trying to talk my husband into another one but at this point its still a maybe but a maybe is better than no.
We do call her a kangadoodle at times(she loves to jump on people) but she is so darn cute.
Take Care,
Joanne Reynolds

Hi Molly.  It’s hard to believe we have had Noah for 3 months.  He has been a great dog, fantastic with the kids and the other dogs in the neighborhood.  His disposition is unreal!  He was by far the best puppy in his training classes, and he rarely barks at people or other dogs.  The kids love him, except for his sharp teeth, which he’s losing right now.  Maeve is his BFF, and he loves her very much.  Noah enjoys running with the boys and catching the tennis balls they throw to him.  If you have another litter with the same parents or F1Bs let us know, we have had a ton of people ask us where we got him.  This picture of him is from September 1st, he has gained 15 pounds since then and his paws are huge! 
  Steve Schumacher

Chloe was joined by Fergie from Gypsy/Teddy's 2010 litter!!
Jordan with his "brother" Polar (an F1 Goldendoodle who was also born here!
Hi Molly...
here is an updated picture of WHISKEY! He turned 2 last July! He is such a great dog,we are so thankful that we have him.  sorry i havent sent any sooner... christmas was busy and we are expecting baby #3 any day now!
I will have to send some pics of him with his 1/2 brother BARKLEY whose owners are friends of ours and they got him from you a year ago. Its so funny to see the 2 play together, they get along really well and besides being a different color, they are so alike!
hope you are well and still doing the puppy thing i see... we will never have another breed again! (or get another puppy from anyone else for that matter!) you do a wonderful job! keep it up!

courtney & jamie drover & family
sault ste marie ontario

..............Update Jan. 2011
Almost 3 yrs. old here
about 2 1/2 yrs. old here
Chloe doing agility in 2011
Molly's Darling Doodles
      And Poodles
Dear Molly,
We have had Watson for about 3 years now, and everyday he continues to surprise us. It’s amazing how smart these dogs are! He knows so many commands from the easy “sit” command to