At times, we may be looking to place a puppy/dog in a guardian home.  In a nutshell, this is how a guardian home works.  We will place a puppy/dog with an approved family.  This may be a puppy born here, or may be one purchased from another breeder.  The puppy/dog will live with the guardian family as their pet but we will retain breeding rights on him/her.  This gives the family a quality puppy/dog and gives the pup/dog a forever home, while allowing us to have more diversity in our lines and/or to continue lines that we are breeding here.  In order to be approved as a guardian home you MUST have a securely fenced yard for the pup/dog!  This means a physical fence, not an underground one. As a guardian family, you will be responsible for maintaining the health of the dog by proper diet, exercise, socialization and vet care....and, most importantly, the pup shall be a beloved family pet.  When the dog reaches breeding age, any health testing (for breeding purposes) will be done at the expense of the breeder.  If the breeder finds that the dog is not of breeding quality, does not have the need to use the dog, or when the dog retires from breeding, the guardian home agrees to have the dog spayed/neutered, within 2 months, at their expense.   To qualify as a guardian home for a male, you must live within a 1 hour drive from our house in Millersburg and be willing to work with  us and have the dog available when needed for breeding and/or travel to meet  us with the dog when needed.  For a female, you may live further than 1 hour away but must be willing to travel to meet us with the dog when needed.  If you would be interested in being a guardian home for one of our beautfiul puppies/dogs, please email Molly at
Molly's Darling Doodles
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Currently looking for a guardian family for this beautiful girl!!  Read the description below for some information about being a guardian family.  If this is something you would be interested in doing,  please email Molly at