Molly LaFleche
We are the LaFleche's....Jason, Molly, Josh, Jared and Jenae.  We are an extremely dog-loving family! Having always loved the Golden Retrievers (but not the shedding....we are also a family with allergies) I ,Molly, went on a search for a larger, non-shedding dog.....and bought my first St. Poodle.  I have to say that my husband, Jason, was not real keen on the idea of owning a "Poodle" at first......yes, I think that is a "guy" thing...LOL!  But, the entire family fast fell in love with our Brandi.....we learned that the St. Poodle is not only highly intelligent but they have the funniest personalities!!  They will keep you on your toes and laughing at the same time!   And Brandi has become a "Daddy's Girl".....imagine that!!  We also learned that the St. Poodle is NOT a foo-foo dog....they were originally bred for hunting/retrieving and most have a high prey drive.  They have webbed feet and love to swim!!
The mixing of the St. Poodle and Golden Retriever to me was a no-brainer!  How mix the 2 breeds that I love the most!  And, the Goldendoodle has proved to me that they are indeed the perfect mixture!!  And so, after much research, time, money and help from my family my venture of breeding the Goldendoodle began in 2007.  We have had many litters here since then and have many wonderful families who have taken those puppies into their homes.  Dogs and puppies are my passion and I have since quit my nursing job to be a full-time mom and breeder!   How wonderful it has been to do what I love and be able to stay home with my family at the same time!
  In 2012 I discovered the Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog x St. Poodle).  Intrigued by the beauty of this mix, I started doing my research.  Quickly falling in love with the BMD, I decided to have a "test" litter to see if I felt they were as good a mix as the Goldendoodle in temperament, health and intelligence. My first litter was born in 2013 and I was instantly in love with this mix.......the pups were so loving, smart, and a bit more calm then the Goldendoodle, that I knew this was only the first of many litters to come! 
Molly's Darling Doodles
      And Poodles
Just a little about us and our contact info!!
Please read through my website as there is a lot of information that can answer questions you may have.  I ask that the initial contact/questions be by email.  My days are busy with dogs/puppies and family so I don't often get a chance to answer my phone and can have a difficult time returning all calls as I may get 10+ calls in a day.  I try to answer emails daily but sometimes it may take a couple of days for me to get through them if I receive several in a day as I like to give as much info to each person inquiring as possible.  If, after your questions are answered by email, you are interested in pursuing a puppy for your family, I will gladly spend time with you on the phone........but, be prepared, as I have been told that I have the gift of gab and can be long winded, lol. 
Thank you for understanding! My human and fur family appreciate it!!