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Standard Poodles
Standard Poodles are WONDERFUL family pets!!  Contrary to what some think about the St.Poodle, they are NOT foo-foo dogs, quite the opposite actually!  The St.Poodle is a super intelligent, loving, loyal dog.  They have webbed feet which makes them great water dogs and some still use them for water fowl retrieving.  The St.Poodle comes in many colors/patterns, and they are a non-shedding breed!!  St. Poodles are not "hyper" dogs.......they will play vigorously while outside and can run like the wind (which is a beautiful sight to see I might add), but are generally very laid back in the house.  They will happily lay by your feet (or in your lap if you allow) and thrive on being close to their people so they do not make good outside dogs! 

**Please note that deposits/payments are non-refundable~no exceptions~ but may be transferred to another litter if we cannot provide you with the sex and/or color of puppy you are hoping for.  We cannot guarantee that any female will have a certain amount of males/females or a specific color. And at times, although unusual, a breeding may not produce puppies.  If this happens, your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter of your choice.**

**Please note that as the breeder, I reserve the right to hold back puppies from any litter regardless of deposits/names on the waiting list.  Thank you for understanding that I must do this at times in order to continue breeding quality puppies for your family!**

Before deciding to put a deposit on a litter, please read our
Sales Contract/Health Warranty
visitor policy

All puppies will come to you with the following:

** First Puppy vaccine
** Dewormed
** 2 year genetic health guarantee
** folder with your puppy's health record
** AKC papers (if breeding rights are given)
** spay/neuter contract
** a scent blanket
** a chew bone
** a starter bag of food if needed for transition
** natural tails/dew claws...we feel they are perfect the way God made them and no longer feel the need to dock our puppies!  Visit the links below for some good info. on why we have chosen to leave them natural.
The above are just a couple of good articles.....many more can be found if you search it online!
If interested in getting on the waiting list, please contact me at 
Once we have touched base by email/phone, please fill out the application and then it will take you to the page to pay your deposit.
Thank You!!
Our St. Poodle puppies are priced at $800+ as pets with a spay/neuter contract (each puppy will be priced individually after birth).
Breeding rights will be considered on a case by case basis and the cost will be higher.
No Standard Poodle puppies available at this time.  Next litter will most likely be in 2018.