Molly's Darling Doodles
      And Poodles
**Puppies are ready to go home with their new families at 8 weeks of age. A fee of $25 per day will be added to the total cost of the puppy if you need your puppy to stay here beyond 8 weeks of age. We do not hold puppies beyond 9 weeks of age as we feel this is an important time for them to bond with their new family. 

We do not fly puppies in cargo but will hand deliver to many states (as far west as Colorado and to the entire east coast). If you are within those states, we can personally deliver your puppy to your door (or meet you somewhere in between) for a fee.  Please contact us for the current delivery rates. If you live west of CO we can meet you if you want to travel east or you are welcome to fly in to get your puppy (to fly back in cabin with you) and we can meet you at the airport. We do not charge to meet at one of our more local airports which are Alpena-APN or Pellston-PLN but do charge a fee of $125 to meet at Detroit Metro-DTW due to the 9 hour round trip for us to take a puppy there.
**Please note that deposits/payments are non-refundable!  I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone for any reason if I am not comfortable with the sale.  This is the only reason that a deposit will be refunded.  My waiting list is a "general" list and not for any particular litter.  This gives families the option of passing on a litter if the timing is not right or the sex and/or color of puppy they want is not available to them.  If you have a deposit on a specific puppy, and that puppy is on hold for you, then decide that you cannot take that puppy, you will lose your deposit and the puppy will be put back as available.**   
Click on the link below to view my Sales Contract/Health Warranty.
Please also read our VISITORS POLICY page!