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**Puppies are ready to go to live with their new families around 8 weeks of age.

We do not fly puppies in cargo, but will hand deliver to many states (as far west as Colorado and to the entire east coast). If you are within those states, we can personally deliver your puppy to your door (or meet you part way) for a fee of 69 cents/mile one way. Date to be determined when puppies are approx. 6 weeks of age.  Please note that if you are not available to have your puppy delivered to you on our scheduled delievery day you will need to make other arrangements to get him/her (meeting us in Detroit or picking up at our house).  If you live west of CO we can meet you, at the regular delivery price, as far as CO, if you want to travel east or you are welcome to fly in to get your puppy (to fly back in cabin with you) and we can meet you at the airport. We do not charge to meet at one of our more local airports which are Alpena-APN or Pellston-PLN. We make one courtesy trip to Detroit Metro Airport (date to be determined when pups are about 6 weeks of age) if we have families flying in for their puppies (no charge for this trip) but do charge a fee of $125 if we need to make a separate trip to DTW to meet you.  And, of course, you are always welcome to pick your puppy up at our home on our scheduled pick up days. We will try our best to work out a schedule that works for both of us. 
**Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact size your puppy will be as an adult.  There can be a variety of sizes born within the same litter.  We will give you our best guess according to the size of the parents and/or past litters.  Also, we cannot guarantee coat type/color.  The coat/color often changes as the puppies grow and the dog may look different then the puppy did. The adult coats often get a bit more curl to them and may fade.  Some dogs may shed (but not like a Golden or Bernese!) and some will be non-shedding.  We will give you our best description of the puppy's temperament while in our care.  While dogs temperaments are somewhat passed down from their parents,  more of their personality is molded by their new family and by how they are raised once they go to their new home.  We do our best to raise a good puppy and it is up to you to raise a good dog:)
We will give you our best guess on all of the above, based on past experience.**  
**Please note that the application fee is non-refundable! 
I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone for any reason if I am not comfortable with the sale.  This is the only reason that the application fee will be refunded.   If you have reserved a puppy, but later decide  you cannot take that puppy, you will be out the application fee and the puppy will be put back as available.** 
Please be sure you are ready for a puppy prior to filling out the application and paying the fee!!
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Please also read our VISITORS POLICY page!
Revised 2017