Some of the products that I recommend.  Please let me know if you have any favorite products that I can add!! Just click on the picture to be taken to the product on Amazon!
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Below are the products needed to make the Blue Power Ear Treatment
Below are some of the grooming supplies that I use most often
Recommended dewormer
Safeguard and Panacur are the same thing.  Safeguard is just a generic name.
**Please note that if you use the liquid Safeguard it is dosed for goats on the bottle.  The dose for a dog is 0.25cc per pound of body weight, once daily x 3 days for roundworms,hookworms, whipworms and some tapeworms or x 5 days if giardiasis is suspected.
See the Misc. Info. page for my recommended deworming schedule.
Kuranda beds are the only ones that I have found to be indestructable!  Well worth the price!!