Below are the beautiful "Ladies" who are the mothers to our wonderful "babies"!  They all live indoors, are much loved and well cared for, either by us or their guardian families.  By placing some of our dogs in guardian homes, it gives the family a loving pet and keeps the number of dogs we actually have in our home to a that each and every dog gets the love and attention that they deserve.  We choose our guardian homes with care and have placed our sweet dogs in the best of hands.
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LaFleche's She Comes From Royalty
AKC Standard Poodle
24" and 55lbs.

Hips ~ Good
Elbows ~ Normal
vWD ~ DNA Clear
NE ~ DNA Clear
DM ~ DNA Clear

She is a Great Granddaughter to my Levi:)

~"To err is human, to forgive,canine." ~ Unknown~
MDD's Phantom Phanny
F3 Goldendoodle
Phanny was born here and is the daughter of Bella and Louie and the Granddaughter to Summer and Teddy, so is a 3rd generation here from healthy, health tested dogs:)

DM ~ DNA Clear
PRA-PRCD ~ Clear by Parentage
vWD ~ Clear by Parentage
Parents/Grandparents OFA Good hips/Normal elbows

Molly's Darling Doodles
      And Poodles
AKC Standard Poodle
25-26" and 55-60lbs.
(need to measure her again)
OFA Hips ~ Good
OFA elbows ~ Normal
OFA Cardiac ~ Normal
Eyes ~ Normal
DM ~ DNA Clear
NE ~ DNA Clear
vWD type 1 ~ DNA Clear

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LaFleche's Katniss
AKC Standard Poodle

Hips ~ Fair
  Elbows ~ Normal
vWD ~ DNA Clear
NE ~ DNA Clear
DM ~ DNA Clear

24" at the shoulder and 55lbs

The beautiful "ladies" below are some of our retired Moms
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F2B Goldendoodle

Roos is out of Coco and Louie and is a 3rd generation here from health tested parents/maternal grandparents.
vWD ~ Clear by parentage
NE ~ Clear by parentage

Roos lives in a guardian home with Matt and Sam Stout where she is very loved!!
LaFleche's Ccota
  AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Hips ~ Good
Elbows ~ normal
Eyes ~ OFA clear
Cardiac ~ OFA normal
DM ~ clear by DNA
vWD ~ clear by DNA

She is a full sister to Leroy and daughter of Bear.

F1 Bernedoodle
(Her mom is a beautiful Bernese imported from Hungary)

    Hips OFA ~ Good
  Elbows OFA ~ Normal
vWD 1 ~ DNA Clear
DM ~ DNA Clear
NE ~ DNA Clear
Eyes ~ Normal
Cardiac OFA ~ Normal

23" at the shoulder and 65lbs

Ccota is guardianed by Custom Canine Service Dog Academy where she is being trained to be a demo service dog.
LaFleche's Luvin'That Italian Fare From Snow Creek
(Named Meatball by my Grandson
when he was 2 yrs. old lol)

Multigen Goldendoodle

Bella is the daughter of Promise and Morty and Granddaughter to Charlie and Louie so is a 3rd generation here.  She lives in a guardian home and will hopefully become a mom here in the future!

F1B Bernedoodle

Liberty is the daughter of Zola and Morty and will hopefully become a Mom to puppies here when she is of age. She lives with Roos in a guardian home with Matt and Sam!

AKC Standard Poodle

    Macie is the daughter of Summer and will hopefully be a Mom of the future here!  She resides in a guardian home close by with the Smolinski Family!

F1 Bernedoodle

    Maya is the daughter of Zelda and Leroy and is a hopeful Mom of the future here at MDD's.  She resides in a guardian home with the Phillippe Family!