Below are the handsome "gentlemen" who are (or will be) the fathers to our wonderful "babies" (although we do at times use outside studs).  They all live indoors, are much loved and well cared for, either by us or their guardian families.  By placing some of our dogs in guardian homes, it gives the family a loving pet and keeps the number of dogs we actually have in our home to a that each and every dog gets the love and attention that they deserve.  We choose our guardian homes with care and have placed our sweet dogs in the best of hands. Most of our "boys" are in guardian homes as it makes life much easier on them and us!  We often are looking for guardian homes to place males in so if a guardian dog would be right for you please contact us!!
~"To err is human, to forgive,canine." ~ Unknown~
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LaFleche's Lucky Levi
Black/Cream Phantom St. Poodle
AKC/UKC/CKC Registered
OFA ~ Hips ~ Good
vWD ~ Clear by parentage and DNA
CERF ~ Eyes
NE ~ Clear by DNA
PRA ~ Clear by DNA
DM ~ Clear by DNA
26" to the shoulder and 75lbs.
Louie is such a gentle giant:)  He lives in a guardian home with Patrick and Sarah who are giving him all the love and attention he deserves!  Louie is a proven stud and has the most gorgeous babies!!
Molly's Darling Doodles
      And Poodles
MDD's Louie Louie
Brown sable/Phantom markings
    F1B Goldendoodle    
CKC Registered
Approx. 27 1/2" at the shoulder and 80lbs.

PRA-PRCD ~ Clear
vWD ~ Clear
DM ~ M/N
OFA ~ Hips ~ Good
OFA ~ Elbows ~ Normal
OFA Certified ~ Cardiac
OFA ~ Eyes

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MDD's Buddy-Wiser
Apricot/white Tuxedo (parti)
F3 Goldendoodle
25" at the shoulder and 55-60lbs.

OFA ~ Eyes
PRA-PRCD ~ Clear by parentage
vWD ~ Clear by parentage
OFA  ~ Hips ~ Fair

Buddy was born here and is the son of Ginger and Louie.
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MDD's Papa Bear Halas
Tri-colored F1 Bernedoodle
65lbs. / 24"

Halas is the son of my Levi and is becoming a wonderful stud like his Daddy:)

Hips ~ Fair
Elbows ~ Normal
vWD ~ DNA Clear
DM ~ N/M

Buddy is a super sweet boy and his babies take on his great demeanor!!  He is happy go lucky and has such a soft way about him.  He lives in a guardian home with Frank and Ellen who love him dearly.
Halas is a sweet boy who doesn't yet know his size and thinks he's a lapdog!  He lives in a guardian home and is loved by the Mang Family!
LaFleche's Mortimer Moose from FPP's
Silver beige/white tuxedo tri colored
Standard Poodle
AKC registered
Approx. 25" and 55lbs.

Morty has grown to be such a regal looking boy!  He has a soft fleece coat and beautiful markings! 

Hips ~ Good
Elbows ~ Normal
vWD ~ DNA Clear
DM ~ DNA Carrier

Morty is such a stunning boy and he loves to strut his stuff!  He lives in a wonderful guardian home with Dan and Denice up in Michigan's beautiful Upper Penninsula!  Morty is very loved and extremely well cared for:)
I retired Levi from breeding November 2015.
He is my baby and will live out the rest of his life right here with me!  I decided to leave his page up because several of my dogs/pups are descended from him and often have his human-like personality!!
The boys below are now retired
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LaFleche's Leroy Boy
Bernese Mounain Dog
AKC registered
27-28" and 97lbs at 2 years old

Leroy has grown to be such a handsome boy!  His coat is so soft and his markings are beautiful!  He has such a sweet, laid back personality:)  Leroy is the son of Bear who has sired many of my litters in the past.

Hips OFA ~ Excellent
Elbows ~ Normal
vWD Type 1 ~ clear by DNA
DM ~ DNA Clear
Eyes ~ OFA normal
Cardiac ~ OFA normal

The studs of the future:)  (upon completing health testing)
"Muddles" is an adorable F1 Bernedoodle that was born here to Sammie/Stewie.
He is guardianed by my cousin Shannon and goes to work with her at her church where everyone just loves him:)

OFA Hips ~ Fair
OFA elbows ~ Normal
Eyes ~ Clear by scope
OFA Cardiac ~ Normal
DM ~ Clear by DNA
vWD type 1 ~ Clear by DNA
NE ~ Clear by DNA
Pra/Prcd ~ Clear by DNA
Bernese Mountian Dog
FCI Registered
23" and 65lbs. at 8 months of age
Prelim x-rays
Hips ~ good
Elbows normal
DM ~ Carrier
vWD ~ Clear
Eyes clear
Cardiac normal

Juke is my Hungarian import.  He is a beautiful example of the BMD with his loving, gentle personality and his beautiful structure!
He was being shown in Hungary before coming to the U.S. and took
"Baby Club Winner" in the show:)

Juke lives in a guardian home and has fast become a big part of the Lawson family.  He has lots of kids to play with and is loving life:) 
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"Ossa" is a beautiful blue merle F1B Australian Mountain Dog
(1/4 Aussie and 3/4 Bernese).
He has a wonderful personality and is very loved by the Cole family:)  I am looking forward to his Australian Bernedoodle puppies in the future!
"Milo" is a gorgeous F2B Phantom Goldendoodle.  He is a Coco/Louie puppy and is a 3rd generation here out of my heart dog, Levi.  Milo resides in a guradian home and loved by the Oetman Family! 
Click on Juke's picture to see his page!!
OFA Cardiac ~ normal
eyes  ~ clear
OFA Hips ~ excellent
OFA elbows ~ normal
Hereditary Cataracts ~ Clear by DNA
MDR1 ~ Clear by DNA
PRA/PRCD ~ Clear by DNA
vWD ~ Clear by DNA

weighs 70lbs. at 15 months of age
Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal