Golden Mountain Doodles
A Golden Mountain Doodle (sometimes referred to as a Golden Bernedoodle) is a mix of a Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle.  Being a breeder of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles for many years, I am often asked by potential puppy families "which mix would be better suited for my family?".  When I ask families what they are looking for in a family pet, I often hear "a dog who is intelligent, loving, loyal, more on the laid back side (as an adult of course:), friendly, low to non shedding, likes to swim, retrieve and be a walking/running/hiking partner". I also get a lot of "We love the look and colors of the Bernedoodle".  That said, I had decided that what many families were looking for is just the right mix of the Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle........the Golden Mountain Doodle!!
I am in the early stages of breeding this wonderful mix of 3 of the best dog breeds ever!   So far I have had great reviews on them from their families!  I will continue to work on my lines to produce the healthiest, most beautiful and well rounded family pets possible!
My dogs are all standard size so puppies will typically grow to be
50-90lbs., averaging in the 60-80lb range:)
We are currently accepting deposits of $500 to get on the waiting list for a Golden Mountain Doodle puppy. PLEASE INQUIRE AS TO CURRENT WAIT TIMES AS WE HAVE AN ONGOING WAITING LIST FOR OUR GMD PUPPIES.  We accept personal checks, money orders/cashiers checks or Paypal (via the link below) for deposits. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A FEE FOR PAYPAL THAT IS ALREADY ADDED TO THE PAYPAL LINK**    Final payment is due in cash, money order or cashiers check, at the time the puppy is picked up/delivered.

**Please note that deposits/payments are non-refundable~no exceptions~ but may be transferred to another litter (for up to 2 years) if we cannot provide you with the sex and/or color of puppy you are hoping for.   We cannot guarantee that any female will have a certain amount of males/females or a specific color. And at times, although unusual, a breeding may not produce puppies.  If this happens, your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter of your choice.**
**As the breeder, I reserve the right to hold back puppies from any litter regardless of deposits/names on the waiting list** 
**Thank you for understanding**

Golden Mountain Doodle
Price List
This is a general guideline of prices, pups individually priced once born, premium prices may apply to specially marked/colored pups.

Solid Black/abstract ~$1800 - $2000 (little to no white markings)
Solid Chocolate ~ $2000+ (no brown or white markings)
Chocolate abstract/bi color or sable/merle solid, abstract or bi colored ~ $3000+
Chocolate, sable or merle tri colored ~ $3500-$4500
Black parti or bi-colored ~ $2800+ (black/white with no brown or black/brown with no white)
Black tri-colored or Sable ~ $2800 - $3500 Tri's have black, brown and white on them....some may have little brown or little white but have all 3 colors.  They may or may not have white on the head/face.
Sables may be solid, have white markings or be tri colored sables.

Puppies will come to you with the following:
**Health exam by one of my Veterinarians
** First Puppy vaccine at or around 7 weeks
** dewormed x 3
** 2 year health warranty (see Sales Contract page for details)
** folder with valuable tips/info.
** micro-chipped, with registration info.
** spay/neuter contract
** a blanket with siblings' scent on it
** a toy
** a starter bag of food (if needed)
** lots of wet puppy kisses:)

If interested in getting on the waiting list, please contact me at 
Once we have touched base by email/phone, please fill out the application and then it will take you to the page to pay your deposit.
Thank You!!
Before deciding to send a deposit, please read the
Sales Contract/Health Warranty
and the
Visitor Policy
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Puppy picking will take place at 3 weeks of age, at which time, you will be sent a link to the puppy picking page and you will have the choice of choosing your puppy or passing to a future litter (your deposit will be good for a period of up to 2 years). If you pick a puppy, but later decide that you cannot take the puppy, then you will lose your deposit, your name will be taken off the waiting list and the puppy will be advertised as available.  If I do not hear back from you when it is your turn to pick your puppy I will assume that the timing is not right for you to bring a new puppy into your home.  You will no longer be contacted with future litters until you let me know that your family is ready for a puppy (you may give me a specific date/month in which to begin contacting you again).  I understand how busy life can be and that circumstances can delay things and will do as best I can to get you a loving puppy once your family is ready.

If you are on the waiting list, and are ready to bring a puppy into your home, please watch the top of this page for birth announcements and check the puppy page for puppy picking dates so that you will be informed as to when to watch for my email.  Thank You for helping this process to go smoothly:)  I look forward to assisting your family in getting their new furbaby:)
**When inquiring about puppies, please make first contact by email as most questions can be answered that way.  Once we have been in contact by email, and you are still interested in a puppy, I will gladly have a phone conversation with you.  I get too many phone calls and can't keep up with them.  Thank you for understanding! **
Below are the litters that have been born, and/or are planned and the month we are expecting puppies to be born. Please note that these are estimates and mother nature plays a role in the actual timing. The breeding pairs may be changed at times due to the demand of what families are looking for, timing issues on my end and availability of studs.

** Roos/Muddles ~ PUPPIES BORN 3/12/18

Click the link below to go to the puppy page
Golden Mountain Doodle Puppies

**Bella to be paired with Muddles for GMD puppies summer/fall